Turning the Camera On Myself: Video Autobiography

For this assignment, I had to create an autobiographical multimedia piece. I knew I had visually interesting material to share, but creating a cohesive narrative was the challenging aspect of this assignment. How do you combine footage of music / video production, videogames, and target-shooting together? To do this, I determined that instead of myself narrating this piece, it would be best if my roommate explained who I was instead. The result was turning myself into a character of sorts. Not only was my roommate able to inject some humor about me, but he was able to tie in the various subjects I’m very interested in. Overall, I loved doing this assignment, and would enjoy creating something similar in a few years.


University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications

Gateway to Media III

Created as final project for class.


Autobiographical multimedia assignment focused on some aspect of ourselves. Very open ended assignment where we decided what we’d like to share and how we’d like to share it. I decided on video format, as I have a long history with video production.

I received the highest marks possible for this assignment, and the School of Journalism uses this piece as an example for new students.

Skills Involved


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe AfterEffects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Storyboarding
  • Audio Production
  • Video Production
  • Music Production