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The Rise of the Professional Gamer

Justin Hebels, an architecture student at the University of Oregon, is an avid gamer who frequently watches professional gaming streams and live online tournaments. Hebels believes that, “Moving forward into a more tech-oriented world, more kids, teenagers and young adults are using videogames as forms of entertainment for themselves.” Hebels continues, “It’s really easy to […]

Into The Depths

cean waves break upon the jagged rocks of the Oregon Coast rhythmically as the Earth sighs. The sun, barely poking above the distant watery horizon, beckons on a new world: the night sky. When our own star, Sol, makes it’s journey across the other half of Earth, the Universe is painted upon the black canvas […]

The Gateways of Smoke

nches beyond the gates of the University of Oregon campus, students mingle, enjoying a smoke break during their off time. The puffs of smoke create ripples through the sun’s rays on the warm June summer afternoon. The flicker of lighters occasionally crackles through the chatter of socializing students. The smoke, filled with chemicals such as […]

Local Issue Multimedia Story

For this assignment, my group and I had to cover a local issue in Eugene, Oregon. A hot topic of debate over the past few years has been the EmX bus line expansion. In this video, we cover the various sides of the issue, and highlight some of the challenges the local communities will be […]